Variable Dancer Topic to Topic

The Variable Dancer presents a “difficult identity challenge, most easily distinguished by their distinctive bouncing (dancing) flight.” Stokes. “Dragonflies.”

Family, friends, and food are about love and time together. Shopping, chopping, concocting, sharing, with a focus on tasty, nutritious, do-it-fast and do-it-light, keep it fun, teach them how, and remember—there are usually extra friends at the table—everything smells so good.

While writing my book  in progress “AN ITALIAN HANDFUL,” testing, tasting, and translating family recipes— I gained 10 pounds. Each one well earned. My children and their families helped me cook, tweak, taste, photograph, eat, critique, and retest recipes that spared no butter or sugar, but skimmed the fat off the sauce.

Like the ‘Variable Dancer’ my weekly blog will also bounce, from bits to bites of thought, recipes, cooking, writing, and people; to share, do it lighter, and with ease. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Variable Dancer Topic to Topic

  1. Hopscotch and vino rosso – Frantz Cartright
    Family meals and glaciers are pretty much going the way record players, tape cartridges, cassette tapes have gone. It is said that they all went south like geese migrating. Glaciers may return with the next ice age in a few thousand years but tape cartridges will never come back. Thus, those lucky enough to have their moment of glory know that it is really just that – a moment.
    You dream and live all your life for that moment. If you are lucky enough, it comes but before you know it, it’s gone. Then you spend all your life trying to relive that moment only to realize that like the geese, it’s just a memory. I have had little moments of tiny glory that nobody noticed. The big one is yet to come, hopefully faster that the winning lottery ticket I keep hoping for.
    In the winter of my restlessness, I don’t want to go the way of the geese. So, on the wings of my mind I make this trip in cyberspace. I take a look here, stop there, connect to another point, jump over there and like a butterfly sip on the nectar of every site. I never get tired. Time does not exist in cyberspace. But as I delight in my hopping and skipping, here I land, sharing this family meal, enticed by the sumptuous lemon meringue pie, this feast of asparagus and bacon, the tempting meatballs. Of course there is wine somewhere, Italian wine of course, yes red, what else? I discover that I too, am a variable dancer, one that can eat to his heart content and now any time of day or night. Calories have not yet invaded cyberspace. Records, tapes and players may have gone but the music has not stopped. Where there is food and wine there is also music…Italian songs of course.
    Family meals are still around. They are happening right here. The tradition lives on. In our busy world, eating in front of the computer has improved. Now I can eat in the computer. Sharing meals with others is better for one’s health. The Italian are known for sitting for hours enjoying and sharing. It has been shown that one tends to eat less when sharing a meal. I guess I am so busy chatting and enjoying the anticipation of the dishes that I am not eating at all.
    What a way to lose weight!

    • Dear Frantz,
      May we continue to share many family meals, wine, laughter, and love for many, many moments into hours.
      I encourage you to get a blog! I will assist your solo flight. Adagio

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