Meatballs and garlic

It started with a meatball contest at a family picnic. My sister won.
That was the beginning of the meatball quest.
Who uses green pepper? Who uses breadcrumbs, who uses soaked, squeezed, dried crusty bread?

More parsley, more Parmesan, more pepper, less salt— don’t forget the ground veal that you eliminated years ago because it was too pricey!

I used so much garlic one time they called them garlic balls.
They’re in the freezer; I add them to minestrone.
“Adagio, garlic isn’t a vegetable.” but I beg to differ…


5 thoughts on “Meatballs and garlic

  1. Mmmmm. I wonder how many points a meatball is? The blog is awesome Adagio! The entries, the recipes, and the photos too.

    • Man you know how to get me in trouble…5 points each.
      Without the sauce!
      2 meatballs with sauce…13!!!
      But, fix yourself an Egg McGreg for breakfast, only 3 points!

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