Start the day with Egg McGreg!

Gather the ingredients

Gather the ingredients

I wish I could say I was the inventor of this quick and easy Egg McGreg, but I’m not.

My son Greg introduced it to our large family right after we got a microwave.
It’s still a great hit and kids can do it themselves.
For those that love magic— call them Magic Poufs!


7 thoughts on “Start the day with Egg McGreg!

  1. Hmm, I don’t remember the Egg McGregs, but I do have fond memories of learning the “Egg In the Hole” recipe!

    • Ooops, I forgot that one! That’s a great one too especially to share with you before going to see Barbarella at the Varsity double feature with the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes…are you sure I haven’t damaged your sweet psyche?

  2. I am requesting the egg McGreg the next morning we are off. I ask Greg what is what and he said exactly what you wrote. I am laughing out loud. Keep writing Adagio. Love Greg’s wife

  3. Grab and go breakfast…
    I have addapted this one to a 2 point( weight watcher) breakfast…Use the light whole wheat muffin, two slices of turkey bacon and egg white…
    The carb protein balance is perfect pre work out meal, or after for less then 180 calories.

  4. I’m quite fond of ‘Eggs on the Beach’ – I’ll bet Bryan will remember those. The trick is not letting the Lake Michigan winds carry them away.

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