Papaya Dreams

Papaya Dreams

Papaya Dream

I had a papaya dream last night.

Papaya light in the night

Papaya light in the night

He said he couldn’t tarry

With few words he took flight
Loaded with vitamin C to carry.

Lycopene preventive effects against cancer;reduces risks of cararacts

Lycopene: preventive effects against cancer

“Fruit of the angels, “said Columbus.
Its heavenly taste so juicy.

Heart healthy soon turned to lust…
Listening to Debussy.

Papaya’s vitamins arrive on time

Carpain enzyme good for the heart

Carpain enzyme: good for the heart

With names impressive and scary.

And watching fruits float and climb,
Decides Ms. Cherry he’ll marry.

Papin: promotion of healing

Papin: promotion of healing

Floating on a fluffy puff…

The sky a vertical billow.

Full of enzymes and vitamins tough
As a Texas armadillo.

Arginine:good for male fertility

Arginine: good for male fertility.

His cherry Fez to celebrate.
She wore her cherry crown.
Amino acids partied late
Eager to paint the town.

Beautiful, fragrant, luscious,healthy.

Beautiful, fragrant, luscious, healthy.


7 thoughts on “Papaya Dreams

  1. Grammy, I’m so impressed with your blog and all of the beautiful photos! I espeically love the garlic pictures, and all of the papaya pictures. Very creative and inspiring! Your so innovative, I love how your not afraid of trying new things! Love you and keep up the great work!

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