Bacon Boats at the Shedd Aquarium

I got a call from Greg’s wife, Marcy. Marcy’s fun, pretty, and always on the alert. They attended the Shedd Aquarium gala Fantasea, a benefit to officially launch the opening of Fantasea, the oceanarium’s exciting new attraction at the Shedd.

Ann Gerber, columnist of Skyline Newspaper says, “This may be the best-black tie benefit of the year. It was flawless with 800 guests treated like “the big fish” they were. There were helpful guides, soaring dolphins, dancing belugas, adorable penguins and mere mortals flying over the huge watery theater de la mer.”

Marcy says, “Adagio, you won’t believe it! They served strips of bacon in serving boats as le hors d’oeuvre! I thought of you and took a picture.”

 Fantasea Gala Bacon Boat photo by Marcy Riley

Fantasea Gala Bacon Boat Hors d' oeuvres. Photograph by Marcy Riley

I wonder…The Shedd is the home of exotic fish, maybe it’s not politically correct to serve shrimp? Albeit, bacon knows no boundaries.

As Ryan says,”Everything’s better with bacon.”

Dancing belugas, soaring dolphins, the sea…my fantasy flirts with exotic fish, Baja, bacon. Voilá! Baja Bacon Shrimp with Lime Sauce.

Dreams of Baja Bacon Shrimp with Lime Sauce...

Fantasy of Baja Bacon Shrimp with Lime Sauce...

Recipe for Baja Bacon Shrimp with Lime Sauce can be found on Blog Bursts.


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