ELVIS NIGHT at The Chicago White Sox

Every August the Flying Elvises drop from the sky onto Chicago’s White Sox Cellular Field dressed in their bejeweled Elvis whites, flying the American Flag.

The Organizers and Hosts

The Organizers and Hosts

I always miss this part…

but I see them from

the Chicago White Sox parking lot—

where Greg and Marcy host an annual Elvis Night tailgate party!

On the grass behind the cars they have set up two grills, assorted tables, tablecloths, coolers, chairs, plates, forks, cups, napkins, relishes, and the burgers and hot dogs are on the grill.

Friends and families start to arrive and place “something to share” on the tables.

Thirsty after walking from the CTA Red Line with my bag of goodies and wine—

I start with Terry’s stuffed poblano peppers (from her garden) and a glass of red.

Corn and Bean Salsa with Scoops

Corn and Salsa with Scoops

Onto the salsas and scoops; mango salsa, corn salsa.

Stack those Buffalo Chicken Wings

Stack those Buffalo Wings

Buffalo chicken wings,and Crispy chicken tenders.

Jim Torelli's Italian sausage patties in homemade sauce.

Jim Torelli's Italian Sausage Patties

Ready for Jim Torelli’s Italian Sausage Patties in his homemade Italian sauce.
Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and hot dogs, with homegrown tomatoes and relishes.

Continuum of Cookies, Banana Bread, Cookies...

Continuum of Cookies, Banana Bread, Cookies...

Greek pasta salad, potato salad, another pasta salad,

veggie platters, cheese and grapes,

watermelon slices, chips and dip,

fried wonton-wrap wedges,

brownies, banana bread,

candies, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies.

I’m sure I left something out…

Smokin' Night with Grillmaster Earl

Smokin' Night with Grillmaster Earl

Large, looming, storm clouds threaten, and it’s not Earl on the grill!

Storm Clouds Threaten

Storm Clouds Threaten

Undaunted, this group pulls out the raingear and continues to party.

We walk to Cellular Field where Greg passes out huge bags of peanuts in the shell for the game—in case we get hungry.

Passion Pride Tradition

Go Chicago White Sox with Passion Pride Tradition

The crowd is happy, excited, and full of Elvis impersonators of every age and stage.

Lamé Elvis and the Kings

Lamé Elvis and the Young Kings

The Next Elvis and his Backup Singers

The Next Elvis and his Backup Singers

Don't forget those Blue Suede Shoes!

Don't forget those Blue Suede Shoes!

There is hardly time to watch the game.

Slim Elvis gets another blond.

Slim Elvis gets the Blond.

Elvis Gets the Girl. Again

Blondes do have more fun!

Flying Elvis lands his White Suit intack.

Flying Elvis lands his White Suit intact.

The scoreboard fireworks follow the game, the fans mesmerized, recast— kids again!

Elvis Night Fanale Fireworks

Elvis Night Finale Fireworks

The King would be Proud!

The King would be Proud.

Of the Chicago White Sox Pride, Passion, and Tradition.

And Greg and Marcy’s great party!


14 thoughts on “ELVIS NIGHT at The Chicago White Sox

    • I love that you love the music, me too. It only took me about six hours to figure out! You gotta love Anthony at WordPress support!

  1. I love the King!
    I also love this colorful and deliciously entertaining idea, what a combo.
    Next year I am there, especially now that I saw the menu( and my kids are getting older).
    I also love the photo of Marcy and Greg, they are glowing!
    Finally, music, never realized Elvis said “get out of the kitchen”, no wonder he was such a hit with women, I thought it was his pelvic thrust….what a great audio intro, very timely.

  2. It looks like we may need more tickets next year. If Mike is going to get blue suede shoes he will need to show them off next year. Looking forward to 2010 Elvis night.

  3. Great stuff Adagio!! Greg and Marcy have put together one of the nights I look forward to every summer.

    On a side note…I even got a Cubs fan (Brad Hills) to wear a Jake Peavy Sox jersey by the end of the night. Quite an accomplishment!

  4. After so many years of Marcy and Greg asking us to come to Elvis night, I think next year we just may have to do it… I did not realise it was such a big thing. Looks like a lot of fun, and good food!!! Thanks for giving me heads up.

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