First Annual Rib Throw Down Contest

Champion Pierre's Prize Winning Ribs

Champion Pierre's Prize Winning Ribs**

1st Annual Rib Throw Down Contest

The invitation from Nancy and John announced the Rib Throw Down with an entry form and rules:
• All cooking teams consist of one head cook and as many assistants as the chief cook decides.

• Meat shall be prepared in advance; there will no cooking on the premises.
Meat may consist of any type of rib meat such as: Baby back ribs, loin back ribs, country style ribs, pork, beef, buffalo, etc. Please follow all food and health safety guidelines in the handling, storing, and cooking of the meat.

The stage is set; it’s a beautiful August day—just cool enough for ribs. In the yard a banquet table set with anticipation is covered in bright red.

Waiting with Wine

Waiting with Wine

• Participants must arrive on time, judging begins promptly at 5pm.

Arrive on time? A caravan of contestants, kids, coolers, foil-covered platters to be warmed, judges and fans, arrive early.
This was going to be a fun filled evening.

• Warming will be allowed.
While the contestants are warming ribs, the guests start snacking on appetizers and drinking—staying clear of the kitchen and contestants!
The contestants are buzzing in the kitchen warming their ribs, teasing, laughing, and plating.

• Meats may be presented with or without sauce as the contestant wishes. Remember, this is a meat contest not a sauce contest so don’t apply sauce so thick that you can’t taste the meat. Too much sauce can affect the overall score.

Ribs Platters Define Contestants With letters RIB THOW DN

Ribs Platters Define Contestants With Letters: RIB THOW DN**

• Entries are scored in areas of APPEARANCE, TENDERNESS/TEXTURE, and TASTE.

Plated Samples Set For Scoring

Plated Samples Set For Scoring**

• The scoring system is from 9(best) to 2(worst) a score of 1 is a disqualification and must be approved by the head judge. Scoring based on total points earned, not an average.



And what about a tie?

• If there is a tie the lowest score is dropped to determine a winner.
• If still tied the highest score in the taste category determines the winner.

• Ruling of the head judge on all matters is final.

Judges Ruling Is Final

Judges Ruling Is Final**

• No contestants allowed in the judging area during judging.
They’re too busy tasting the other entry ribs, side dishes, desserts, and drinking; while the Judges deliberate.

Score, Taste, and Deliberate

Score, Taste, and Deliberate**

John’s Baked Beans,*

John's Barbeque Baked Beans

John's Baked Beans**

Frantz’s Fruit Salad, Quinoa Salad, Cole Slaw, Tossed Salad, Broccoli Slaw, Caponata, and desserts, M&M cupcakes, brownies, lemon cookies, Clafoutis, and Nancy’s Key Lime Pie.

Frantz's Fruit Salad, Quinoa, Cole Slaw, Mediterranean Salad

Bring On The Salads: Frantz's Fruit Salad, Quinoa Salad, Cole Slaw, Mediterranean Salad

The tension mounts as our Host John announces the Judges have reached their decision.
And the third place winner is: a beautiful blond!!!

 Beautiful Blond Winner

Beautiful Blond Winners

Cheers and toasts and she takes her bows.

And the Second place goes to another beautiful blond???

More Cheers!!! More toasts!!!

Say what?

And the Champion Rib and First Prize Winner is: Pierre!!!

The Winner is Pierre!

The Winner is Pierre!

And Champion Pierre’s First Prize Winning Ribs.

Champion Pierre's Prize Winning Ribs

Champion Pierre's Prize Winning Ribs**

OK. Bobby Flay— are you ready? Bring it on!

*The recipe for John’s Baked Beans is on Blog Bursts.

** Photographs courtesy of JM.

8 thoughts on “First Annual Rib Throw Down Contest

    • Bryan,
      The pictures you sent to me of the grilled peaches are worthy of a recipe with them from you!
      I’ll put it on Blog Bursts.

  1. Love your blog, and the ribs look so good. Tara and Melodie told me about your blog – they came over for dinner in San Diego while here getting Melodie settled at school. I’ll pass it on.

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