Italian Haitian Island Antipasto Platter

Italian-Haitian Island Antipasto Platter

Italian-Haitian Island Antipasto Platter

I offered to make an appetizer for a large birthday party for Frantz.  The birthday boy’s roots are Haitian.

I asked Greg and Marcy of “Elvis Night” to help me—and to maybe think up a theme.

The Chefs! Marcy and Greg at it again.

The Chefs! Marcy and Greg at it again.

Greg suggested an antipasto — but, he said,  since there are a variety of sliced meats and cheeses in a good antipasto, the colors would tend to be browns, reds, and yellows.

I said maybe we should make a Duck…?

I am thinking of the Wild Turkey antipasto Greg and Olivia made one Thanksgiving.

Undaunted, Marcy and Greg decide we will make an Italian Haitian Island Antipasto in honor of Frantz and his native Island, Haiti.

An Italian-Haitian Island Antipasto.

Haitian flag and all.

Marcy even added a butterfly flying above.

Inspired by the Spirit of the Islands we began assembling the ingredients.

The Island Sprit Watches Over

The Island Spirit Watches Over

Italian-Haitian Island Antipasto Platter

2 heads large leafy lettuce, to cover the platter.

Logistics of a Italian-Haitian Island

Logistics of a Italian-Haitian Island

3 pounds large Idaho Potatoes, one-length-side sliced, to stabilize the palm trees and create levels on the platter.

Carrots loose, peeled, long, thick, and irregular for the palm tree trunks.

Green Peppers cut for the palm fronds.

Cutting Green Pepper Palm Fronds

Cutting Green Pepper Palm Fronds

Yellow Peppers for mounds and rosemary around the palm tree base.

Jumbo Pitted Green Olives create coconuts at the base of the palm trees.

Add some Island radish roses, a few glasses of wine, and an apple sliced down the center with the seeds and skin—rinsed in lemon juice so it won’t discolor—and voila a butterfly!

Haitian Flag and the Butterfly

Haitian Flag and the Butterfly

The recipe and ingredients for Italian-Haitian Island Antipasto Platter is on Blog Bursts.


13 thoughts on “Italian Haitian Island Antipasto Platter

  1. Thank you Adagio for the web time. I feel so web famous. Kristin you could cut patatoes out like a model plane set and assemble it. Maybe look on line for a easy model plane plan. You could use candy for the wheels. I’ll keep thinking.
    Good luck

    • Well it’s terrific that you’re thinking this way and a Fly-In…that’s a challenge! A biplane is a great idea, now let’s make it happen.

    • Hey Marcy you get press time for the fun things you do, I appreciate all the help from you and Greg, it wouldn’t have happened without you!

  2. Nice Greg and Marcy, you guys need to make this stuff when you come to Michigan. Just tell me what you need, and you can put it together.

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