Fly-In Party with a Bi-Plane Appetizer

FLY-IN Airplane Chrome and Corn Field Borders

FLY-IN Airplane Chrome and Corn Field Borders

Kristin started this with her response last week to my blog on The Italian Haitian Island Antipasto and Jay’s invitation to the 4th Annual Oktoberfest Fly-In at Walnut Creek Airport in Somonauk, Illinois, on her birthday!

Jay, Brent, and Pete's Bi-Plane for Inspiration

Jay, Brent, and Pete's Bi-Plane for Inspiration

Kristin wanted ideas for a Fly-In Appetizer!  That started Greg and Marcy thinking…

What about a Bi-plane???

An antipasto Bi-plane?

What could we use? Greg suggested a salami for the Chassis?  Or maybe a baguette and frost it with a savory cheese spread?  We went to the Family Fruit Market for inspiration, and found the Chinese Okra.

Chinese Okra? A green Bi-plane?

Green Plane with Stars but it's not a Bi-plane.

Green Plane with Stars but it's not a Bi-plane.

Red and Ready in the Field

Red and Ready in the Field

Once we decided on using the Chinese Okra for the Chassis, we found four cacti for the Supporting Planes (wings,) cinnamon sticks for the Struts, another cactus for the Elevator (tail,) baby corns for the Propeller, a pimento stuffed olive for the Nose, two jalapeño peppers for the Legs, baby eggplant for the fat Wheels, star fruit for the Stars. And kept laughing…

Oops we almost forgot the banner!

Ryan got on the computer and rescued us.

Chinese Okra Bi-Plane at the Party

Chinese Okra Bi-Plane at the Party

We chose the antipasto ingredients from Blog Bursts: Recipe Italian Haitian Island Antipasto with an alternative selection of meats and cheeses keeping in mind the party was in the Midwest, not on Taylor Street.

The Fly-In hostesses, Carol and Sandy, thought of everything. The hangar worktables were covered with festive tablecloths, the  grills set up for brats and hot dogs, Jimmy’s Soft Serve ice cream with toppings, logs stacked for the campfire, kegs, hammock, chairs, tables, and pool.

All afternoon waiting guests were  in line, excited about the complementary plane rides.

I wish I knew the names of all these fabulous, restored planes on the corn-field-runway.

Our Hostesses Sandy, Carol, and Megan.

Our Hostesses Sandy, Carol, and Megan

Tables with Brat, Dogs, Something to Pass

Tables with Brats, Buns, Homemade Ice Cream and "Something to Pass"

Planes keep landing and taking off all afternoon.

Fly in Host Brent and Blue Skies

Fly-In Host Brent and Blue Skies

They're Off...

They're Off...

Tecumseh From Michigan

Tecumseh From Michigan

Pulling Navy Bi-plane onto the runway.

Pulling Navy Bi-Plane onto the Runway.

Babies, kids, teenagers, dogs,  seniors, and everything-in-between, arrive and bring a “Dish to Pass!”  Beautiful salads, sides, and casseroles covered the hangar worktables. Another long workbench along the wall featured sumptuous desserts framed by tools neatly organized on the hangar walls.

Gather and Gab, Food, Friends, Beers, Soda, Water, and Wine Family, Food, Fun, and Friends

The spirit and fun continued into the night, people set-up their tents for sleepovers.

The entertainment featured the band Back County Roads, and the evening ended with a blazing campfire.

Under the setting sun

Under the Setting Sun

Thank you Sandy and Jay and Carol and Brent for a beautiful day!

Our Fly-In Host Jay

Our Fly-In Host Jay with Bi-Plane Appetizer Tray

A grand time was had by all.


8 thoughts on “Fly-In Party with a Bi-Plane Appetizer

  1. What a great blog post! I learned to fly when I was a teenager (before I learned to drive). My dad still hosts the annual “airport BBQ” every year. I love fly ins and the folks that gather. Great Biplane appetizer tray, by the way.


    • Michele, I love your comment, you’re my first person to comment that doesn’t know me personally!
      You will always have a special place in my heart! I was updating my post( grammar edits) when your comment appeared, thank you. My granddaughter Veronica is learning to fly and I’m so proud of her! I can just see you up there and what a great time you must have had.
      Thanks again Michele for letting me know you are out there.

  2. Hi Adagio, what a great story. It’s so fun to read about the thinking that goes into these antipasto dishes. So creative! I loved the pepper palm trees from last week too. You’d enjoy the movie “Julie and Julia”, if you haven’t already seen it.

    • Thanks Bryan, I have a huge grin going:), I just learned that one from Victoria! I love your comments and loved that movie. I want to see it again.

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