Day Of Reckoning

Slender Soup

Well this is a new decade and I have made a commitment to slender.

This will take some serious rethinking,  scheduling and planned exercise.

I am healthy. I like to eat healthy. I like to eat. Taste. Socialize and eat. Try new dishes, in essence I’m a food tourist. I have been cooking healthy all my adult life, but I have to get in touch with portion size. I like to eat and sustain the time and feelings enjoyed over a good meal. I’m a social eater.

I also eat emotionally; I can power though a bag of Mint Milano’s sitting in a hospital waiting room.

4 Tiny Star Cookies Equals What?

I like fresh vegetables.

I like fresh fruits.

I like whole grains.

I like fish and seafood. A family cliché— I never see-a- food I don’t like.

I like red wine and chocolates, and thanks to Lisa and Mike and family, I shared plenty of See’s chocolates over the holidays.

I need to make some changes…

On New Year’s Day I decided to eliminate meat for 31 days. After reading again in Skinny Bitch about the pollution beef, pork, and chicken cause, and the disgusting way they treat, feed and slaughter the animals, I decided I need to be more green. I want to learn if I miss meat and observe how I feel.  And it takes 31 days to create a new habit.

15 Almonds and Half a Banana For Breakfast

No nuts (cliché controlled) after 5pm for 31 days. I love to crunch on almonds at night.

I will limit my dairy for 31 days to Parmesan cheese, butter, and Half & Half.

I have cleaned and cleared my refrigerator.

I will exercise at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes for the next 31 days.

I want to take a dance class.

Monday I made Slender Soup.  This is a kick-start cleansing soup. Add ½ cup cooked lentils or beans and ½ cup cooked barley, rice, or whole grain to every 2 cups soup for a complete protein.

Frozen Grains of Barley

Eat up and freeze the rest for later. I’m using different seasoning to every two cups of the basic Slender Soup, delicious. Try cinnamon, curry and a splash of coconut milk for an Island version, any other ideas?

And wish me luck!!!

Recipe for Slender Soup on Blog Bursts.


9 thoughts on “Day Of Reckoning

  1. I really enjoyed this post! You are one awesome lady!

    Your Mint Milanos are my Milk Duds. I have a child-like affair with candy, even at 26. And I ate a large box during a two-day span this week. Homemade cherry bars arrived today in the mail from my mother-in-law, and I will have to try to better pace myself with those. One of the major reasons I run is so I can eat a little bit more freely.

    Best of luck to you and your mission!

  2. mmmmm, I can’t wait to try this one out! I love having this digital database of great recipes and writing! Keep up the great work Adagio!

  3. Great intention, I would love to encourage and be a part of this. I myself have been dancing a lot more and loving it, I signed Katherine up too. The best excercise is one you enjoy!

  4. Victoria, you were my inspiration for the recipe, Melodie and Veronica for the pescatarian influence, Brendan and you on the non-dairy with exception for Parmesan, etc., keep athose cards and letters coming.

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