Collage of Contrasts

Florida Blue Crab In Coolers

The Gulf Coast of Florida, where stunning sunsets, whimsy of the beaches, mystery of the Everglades, fortitude of the farmers and fishermen and neon natives and snowbirds  converge in an experience of American diversity.

Most obvious at the Farmer’s Markets…

And the beach.

Mermaid's Wedding

The Farmers Market with truckloads of citrus fruits and stands that display tables and coolers filled with fresh fish, whole, filleted and fish heads, stone crabs, blue crabs, lobsters from Maine, strawberries from Plant City, Lee Bees honey from the groves, and an array of entrepreneurial tents selling homemade guacamole, pasta, pastries, antiques, crafts, tchotchkes and used books.

Scooping Fresh Avocados

Doug Anderson's Maine Lobsters

Naples's Bella Maria's Franco and Baker (his Mama)

We leave the market for white beaches of sand castles and creatures.

McMansions in the Sand

Alligator with Shell Eyes

Couples walk dressed in tandem and over sized hats, solos search and shell for that special treasure left by the tide.

Children toss fistfuls of sand back at the waves, feel predator power and chase with exuberant glee the seagulls feeding on the shore, stop silent to watch pelicans swoop and scoop.

All hear the Gulf’s rhythmic wash and sigh of frothy deposits in the  ocean’s sparking swell and splash.

And cheer the dolphins as they appear.

Seagulls in Formation

Grateful for another peace filled day.


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