Spa Italian American Style

Pomegranate Pellegrino Sunset

Beginning with my healthy resolutions for the New Year and so lucky to spend time on the Gulf Coast of Florida I want share more of Florida’s Southwest Gulf and write this blog in pictures.

Start with Blueberries...and Star Fruit

Taking advantage of the Farmer’s Markets, white sand beaches I can ride my bike on,

Hanging on a Cloud

the libraries of Lee and Collier Counties,

Nuts on the Beach!

Regina’s inspiration and Frantz’s conversation, Ray’s fabulous meals and Carmen’s pampering,

Tides Cup with Remnants of the Wave

natures gifts everyday on the beach,

Tide's Treasure

Sand Flower

camera ready walks,

On The Catwalk

cruising the Back Bay with Carmen, Ray, G-ma and John,

Shrimp Boats Docked

Dinners of laughter testing Ray’s latest gourmet…yea!


And I collect more sunsets.



6 thoughts on “Spa Italian American Style

  1. I wish I was a “nut on the beach”. Thanks for the view I missed it this year. Look out the whole family is going next year!

  2. I really like the sunset image on this blog. Is it possible to contact the photographer about the usage of this photo? I would really appreciate it if you could let me know.

    • Thanks Kevin. I am the photographer. All the photo’s on my blog are mine unless I state otherwise. I went to your website and it’s terrific. Thanks. I’ll send you an email. . Adagio

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