Year of the Tiger and Jasmine Pearl Tea

Translucent Tiger At My Window In Winter White 

The year of the Tiger and to celebrate in Chinatown they drink Jasmine Pearl Tea @ $132.00 a pound… now that will increase your prosperity!

The woman at Ten Ren Tea and Ginseng Company in Chicago’s Chinatown told me Jasmine Pearl Tea is a combination of white and green tea using a high quality tea. They hand wrap the petals and when the tea steeps, the tea the petals open into the whole leaf.

I’ve been drinking green tea for years and this Year of the Tiger I committed to drinking more. With oranges.

Regular tea consumption is full of health benefits. Hundreds of studies have been performed suggesting that tea possesses anticancer effects. It’s an anti-inflammatory that helps decrease the cancer-promoting properties of environmental toxins. Doctor Michael F Roisen M.D. You the Owner’s Manual** says “flavonoids are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances that occur in certain plant foods including any tea.”

And if you don’t “like it hot” you get the same benefits from a glass of iced tea. Just use 2 bags, steep normally and pour over ice. Delicious Bryan, thanks for the suggestion.

Year of the Tiger with Jasmine Pearl Green Tea Ball Leaves Opening

Tea helps lower blood pressure, prevents cardiovascular disease, strengthens bones and gums, protects against skin cancer, decreases sun-induced aging of the skin, and boosts your metabolism.

This is big time prosperity… with zero calories… so have a few cups or glasses a day.

And it can help decrease body fat too­— which is “where our bodies store many environmental toxins.”*

Pass me another cup! Please.

Tea helps to give you strong bones and teeth because of its calcium, manganese, and fluoride an important mineral for bone development. Researchers at University of Cambridge in England found that tea drinkers had significantly stronger bones than non-tea drinkers.

Doctor Pratt M.D. author of Super Health uses tea as a topical skin treatment almost every day. After he uses a tea bag, he squeezes it dry and wipes it over his face like a sponge, especially over his nose, forehead, and cheeks (more than 50 percent of all skin cancers on the body are on the middle of the face). He says “I just love the feeling of those flavonoids going to work to keep me healthy and looking good!”*

He’s got me doing it too!

Add a little citrus, orange, lime, lemon, to “boost the bioavailability of tea’s phytonutrients.”*

Now we know how “Suzanne” kept her man around.

“Tea and Oranges That Come All the Way from China…

“Suzanne takes you down to

her place near the river

You can hear the boats go by

You can spend the night beside her

And you know that she’s half crazy

But that’s why you want to be there

And she feeds you tea and oranges

That come all the way from China

And just when you mean to tell her

That you have no love to give her

Then she gets you on her wavelength

And she lets the river answer

That you’ve always been her lover

And you want to travel with her

And you want to travel blind

And you know that she will trust you

For you’ve touched her perfect body

with your mind.”

— Leonard Cohen

*Pratt, Steven M.D. Super Health, 2009.

**Roisen, Michael F., M.D. and Mehmet C. Oz, M.D. You the Owner’s Manual, version2.0, 2008.


3 thoughts on “Year of the Tiger and Jasmine Pearl Tea

  1. I just read about how great green tea was for your bones. I love your photos they are wonderful and work so well with your information.
    Thanks the reinforcement, I’m going to have a cup now!

  2. crusin’ the back bay, in Ft Myers, oh what a wonderful day that was. So happy, and so much fun.
    Love ya, GMa

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