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“Stars and Stripes” Dessert … And “Over 21” Independence Day Jello-Shots**

Independence Day Jello Stars and Stripes

Flags, drums, parades, music, celebration in the neighborhoods, the parks, the beaches. Fireworks, picnics, watermelon, silly games and three-legged races, buffets of favorite recipes, families, children, friends,neighbors, a holiday giddy with anticipation and full of freedom.

A time to celebrate our independent, free thinking, generous county, full of beauty and bounty, and honor the pursuit of happiness in our daily lives, especially on the 4th of July.

“Stars and Stripes” Dessert

A  bring it to the party and let them cut their own…the sprinkler’s on, towels, bathing suits near and conversation waits.

Set Up To Cut Stars


2  3 oz. packages Berry Blue Jello

4 envelopes of unflavored gelatin

1 can condensed milk (14 oz)

2  3 oz. packages Cherry Jello

6 cups Boiling water

13”x9”x3” pan, lightly spray with vegetable oil, this insures easy release.

Star shaped metal free-standing cookie cutter.

Kitchen timer. Timing is of the essence with the layers.

Begin with the Berry Blue Stripe.

Berry Blue Stripe

Dissolve 2 packages Berry Blue Jello and 1 envelope of unflavored gelatin in 2* cups of hot water. Pour mixture into lightly oiled pan and place in refrigerator on flat shelf. Chill until almost firm,set the timer, about 20 minutes.

Carefully Pour White Layer Over Blue

Note: If a layer is too firm, the next layer will slide off and not adhere.

White Stripe

Dissolve 4 envelopes of unflavored gelatin in ¾ of a cup of hot water, add ¼ cup of cold water. n a separate bowl, mix the condensed milk with 1 cup of hot water; mix well. Add condensed-milk mixture to unflavored gelatin, mix well.

When Berry Blue layer is almost firm, pour White Stripe, 1 cup at a time, carefully. Time, about 20 minutes.

When White Stripe is almost firm. Start Red Stripe.

Cherry Red Over White Layer

Cherry Stripe

Dissolve 2 packages Cherry Jello and 1 envelope unflavored gelatin in 2 cups hot water. Pour Cherry Stripe mixture over the top, a cup at a time, carefully.

Chill. Allow to set at least ½ hour.

Little Hands Get Into the Act

Press Like a Puzzle

Use a star-shaped cookie cutter to make Stars.

Italian Handful of AJ’s Stars

Mike the Mouth Goes For Star Rejects

Alternate red and blue topped stars on serving platter.

Me Too

**And if you’re “over 21.”

**”Over 21″ Independence Day Jello-Shot Recipe

Independence Day All American Jello Shots

Follow recipe for “Stars and Stripes” Dessert—you party doll ..These can be made for all occasions of Independence.

Use star shaped plastic ice cube trays for molds, no waste. Vegetable oil spray ice cube trays.

Substitute 1 cup Vodka 80-100 proof for 1 cup of hot water in the Blue Berry Stripe. it’s the widest stripe, and will be on the bottom of the star when removed from ice cube molds. Follow all the directions for Independence Day Stars, remember…only the Berry Blue gets the 80-100 proof Vodka.

Release stars with your fingers to remove from trays.

Missing Evidence

These can sneak up on you…have fun!

And a Happy and Grateful Fourth of July!


98 thoughts on ““Stars and Stripes” Dessert … And “Over 21” Independence Day Jello-Shots**

    • This is something for one or a ton. It’s the commitment to time in and around the kitchen for about an hour, and if you leave… bring the timer with you!
      But a crowd pleaser…

  1. Very colorful. I’m glad you bolded the fact that you should only put the vodka in the blue stripe. I can’t imagine how it would be if it were in every layer.
    That would be quite an interesting 4th.

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  3. Very festive and cool looking! BBQs and holidays are a time to just have fun. A couple can’t hurt your waistline and health goals?! Check out BBQ survival tips here.

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  7. I’ve always wanted to know how to make jell-o shots and now I don’t have to use (or find) those disposable plastic cups. Thanks! And congratulations on making Freshly Pressed!

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  9. Love, It’s July 4th, and still quiet on the western front. A-team opened and made $1/2 billion. Axions have emerged like eagle chicks closer to evac zone. Huey gunships met the vee’s then hid below treeline. Nice to know we liberated italy from napoli-on. The war’ll end in 2013 if you still love what you’re do-en. Grrrrshin, the resurrector. CC:cc dint say it to living-word

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  23. These look delicious (especially the ones that include vodka, haha). When making them, I’ll have to be sure to keep the adult version separate from the kids! Enjoyed your post – thank you for the inspirational idea.
    – Shannon, Crumb Cake Creations, LLC

  24. I’m confused about the gelatin. The recipe says 4 packets but then adding one to each color and 4 for the white stripe, isn’t that 6 total? Or are there only 2 packets for the white center? Sorry for the silly question

    • Sorry I was away from the web… In response to your inquiry, I hope it’s not too late, I used the 4 packets, 2 for the white, 1 each for red and blue. I don’t think it would heart to use 4 packets for the white, it may gel faster. Thank you and I hope it turned out well.

      • I didn’t see this until I posted my question! Sorry! I did the same thing…I think 4 packets might make the white layer a little too rubbery!

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  28. It says 4 packets of unflavored gelatin under ingredients but the recipe uses 4 just to make the white stripe then it also uses one each in the blue and red stripes. Wouldn’t that require 6 packets of unflavored gelatin?

  29. Can you please clarify how much unflavored gelatin to use? The recipe calls for 4 packets & says to use 6 packets?? I only used 2 in the white layer & it turned out fine…

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  33. Just wanted to let you know next time you write a recipe, PAY ATTENTION!!! Wasted all my ingredients! & BOOZE!! not to mention, my time!!!

    • Dear Bonnie so sorry you didn’t have success with this recipe I can’t imagine what my error was because the recipe was tested and used…many times…I hope you froze the mistakes for slushies…and had a great 4th. Best to you.

  34. Aw, crap. This recipe didn’t list the actual amount of unflavored gelatin packets needed. The ingredients read 4, but it’s actually y6 according to the recipe.

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