Montana and Star Anise Sun Tea

 Captures the Sun and the Stars

Montana. Yellowstone Park, The Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, Corn Palace, the last time I was there—I was about 11 years old.

I’m on a road trip and the past is patient.

Montana Caravan Waits By the Chicago Curb

Besides the rotten-egg smell of the geysers, the chiseled heads and the buffalo— I remember the Corn Palace built each year out of corn— and the ants walking across our table towards the honey jar!

What kids remember.

And what they don’t…

Sipping the sun.

A Little More Fancy

Star Anise Sun Tea

1 quart of filtered water in a clear glass jar with lid

2 bags of your favorite green tea

2 star anise

A sunny day.

Ready to Capture the Sun

Magic Begins In a sunny Window

Turn Upside Down On a Full Sun Day

Stars Float in the Sunlit Amber Water

And on to Old Faithful…

6 thoughts on “Montana and Star Anise Sun Tea

  1. I love sun tea for so many reasons…I never thought of adding the star anise, simple and yet it adds so much…well done.
    Cheers to the simple things that add so much, enjoy!

  2. Hey Adagio – It’s AJ from SLT. It was great to meet you the other week. It took me awhile to get here but I finally made it!. Great writing and elegant photos. I’m looking forward to future posts. Take care.

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