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Got Pizza?

Have We Got Pizza!

My grandmother made pizza the day she made bread, making an extra batch of dough for that night’s pizza supper. She spread the soft elastic dough out on a large rectangular baking pan with her fingers and the production line began.

First ladling spoonfuls of homemade sauce.

Little Hands Get Into The Act

I sat around her the big round table taking turns with my mom, aunts and cousins grating mozzarella cheese on one grater, Parmesan on a finer grater, until I skinned my knuckles on the grater— got little sympathy but a big band-aid, as they continued chopping green peppers, onions, mushrooms, cutting Italian sausage and laying out the anchovy fillets cut in 1/4 inch pieces.

Some things don’t change too much.

For a pizza party generations later, Tara made enough dough for bread for a week! And we used every bit of it for pizza.

She made the dough ahead of time, sprayed plastic bags with olive oil spray and placed bags with the balls of dough in the refrigerator. The day of the party, she removed the “bags of dough,”and let the dough balls rise again at room temperature.

Voilá! Greg and Craig were off and rolling.

Pizza Masters Craig and Greg

The toppings are only as limited as your imagination— and this was an imaginative crowd.

Artichokes and Anchovies

Onion Zucchini Pesto Pizza

Or Prefer The Traditional Cut

Olives Rock

Gone for Seconds On the Pizza Run

And the recipe…


10 thoughts on “Got Pizza?

  1. I love the variety of toppings they did. If you had that out each topping would be extra…manga manga, in Chicago we always got pizza!

  2. The pesto,artichoke and anchovies was a big hit. I was loving all of them especially the veggie, which included zucchini, very tasty on pizza.

  3. I just miss your pizza so much. Best recipe ever. I’m going to try and make it here with my host mom! Hopefully I do it justice!

  4. i love making dough when i worked at a pizza place back when i was young and in college. very fun to do, but then we had that huge commercial mixer. love how many varieties you have there… i love pizza! 🙂

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