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Not-So-Virgin Olive Oil the “Other Mother.”

Not So Virgin Olive Oil

In sourdough culture, they have a “Mother dough.”

Italian’s have what I call the other mother—Not-So-Virgin Olive Oil.

A blend of extra-virgin olive oil and chopped garlic. The other-mother can be stored a covered jar in the refrigerator for weeks, ready to use. Olive oil enhanced with the flavor of fresh garlic. As you use it, add more oil and the garlic will continue to infuse into the oil. Or spoon some of the garlic out with the oil for stronger flavor. Replenish the garlic as you use it. I use this Not-So-Virgin Olive Oil for roasted vegetables, garlic bread and salad dressing.

Not So Virgin Olive Oil

1 cup extra-virgin olive oil

5 cloves of garlic smashed and chopped fine

Making the Other Mother

Discard Ends Of Garlic

Chop Garlic and Add to Oil

Shake Baby Shake

Whisk garlic into extra-virgin olive oil or shake in covered jar.

The Longer It Sets The Better It Gets

The longer it sets the better it gets.


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