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Brussel Sprout Log Lime-Maple Glaze

Ancient Brussel Sprouts

Evocative. Stacked. Still on the stalk. Roast Brussel Sprouts on the stalk?

And after they’re roasted?

A fantasy base for an appetizer tree.

But…the Reality Tree!!!

Easy to topple and your guests could cut themselves removing the sprouts.

But if perseverance prevails…

The Reality Tree!

Roasted Brussel Sprout Log With Maple-Lime Glaze

1 Brussel Sprout Log, cut off the yellow outer stems.

3 tablespoons NSVOO (Not So Virgin Olive Oil) *in a small bowl.

! tablespoon Maple Syrup

1 lime, zest and juice

Sea salt

Kosher salt


Preheat oven to  375°F.

Place Brussel Sprout Log in an aluminum sleeve on a baking sheet.

Brush With “Not So Virgin” Olive Oil

With a pastry brush coat the Brussel Sprouts Sprinkle with NSVOO*, Sea salt and pepper. Turn to coat all sides.

Roast on the middle rack in oven for 35 to 40 minutes.

Turn at 10 minute intervals to brown the sprouts evenly and let the steam out, until crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.

Test For Tenderness

Remove from oven.

In a small bowl, whisk lime juice and zest with maple syrup. Set glaze aside.

Cut log in half, it’s easier now. Place log on platter, fill spaces between with  sprouts cut from the other half.

Pour glaze over sprouts. Sprinkle with  kosher salt. Serve immediately.

Lime Maple Glaze With Liberal Kosher Salt

*Recipe for NSVOO Not So Virgin Olive Oil On November 2, 2010 Post


12 thoughts on “Brussel Sprout Log Lime-Maple Glaze

  1. Fantastic pics!
    The clusters resemble a miniature cabbage patch…
    Creative fun in the kitchen, that is so healthy,
    Thank you, my blood thanks you, my skinny jeans thank you.
    If this looks this good when I do it, I could just get my entire family to try it. When they were little it worked with broccoli to be dinosaurs eating the tree’s…I think I see a rabbit in my future…. rabbit rabbit…

  2. Love the “reality tree” that is how great minds work create then deal with the reality of it. The sauce sounds great with or without the tree I can’t find many trees out in the country..haha just a lot of sprouts!

  3. I’m laughing with Polly’s story! I’m not a fan of the sprout, but I’ve been meaning to give them a try. I like beets now and never did as a kid….

  4. Love brussel sprouts! I wouldn’t have thought to combine maple syrup and lime, I do believe I have all the necessary ingredients on hand (though my brussel sprouts are in a little container and not on the stalk – they’re so intimidating on the stalk!); I think I’ll give this a go later.

  5. hi there! just wanted to let you know we featured this post under “Today’s Specials” on the homepage today…what a delicious sounding glaze for the brussel sprouts – yum! thanks so much! jane

  6. First, it’s dandelions then it’s cauliflower and now it’s the dreaded brussel sprout. What’s next? That “bitter juiced” eggplant?

    Like Bryan said I used to hate beets and now I like them. You’re going to make me like all those underdog veggies if you keep it up!!1!

    Great stuff, Adagio.

    PS Hopefully, you can make Vienna ghoulash sound good when you get back from your trip!

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