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Salzburger Nockerl: Mountains of Meringue With Gratitude and Awe.

Salzberg Nockerl Inspired by the Three Mountains

Three Mountains of Inspiration

Austria.  A journey of beauty, music, food and craftsmanship.

Salzburger Nockerl  is a meringue and raspberry dessert soufflé, in three peaks, inspired by the three mountains that border Salzburg. The same mountains Maria and the Sound of Music family climbed in their escape—  truth be known, they took a train to Italy!

Salzberg Nockerl reminds me of Baked Alaska without the flames.

The best I can offer is this excellent recipe for Salzburger Nockerl and the steps for making it on Delicious

Scooping the Meringue and Raspberries

… the whole thing!

And about that mistletoe I was looking for…

Balls of Mistletoe The Size of Exercise Balls



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