Recipe:Egg Mc Greg


Avocado or olive oil or spray
1 egg or scoop out yolks and use 2 whites (high protein/low cholesterol-calories) or ¼ cup egg substitute (⅓ cup equivalent to 2 eggs)

Low Calorie and Cholesterol Choice

Low Calorie/Cholesterol and High Protein Choice

1 slice Canadian bacon
1 whole wheat English muffin, sliced, I use Ezekiel 4:9 (3 grams good fiber)
Glass or ceramic ovenproof containers, the size of a custard cup and plate to cover, made in the USA where the glazes are safe
Microwave oven

Lightly oil or spray bottom and sides of cup
Whisk egg in cup


Top with plate for microwave (captures the steam and egg)
Microwave on high for 30 seconds.
Put English muffin slices in toaster.

Open microwave:
Place 1 slice Canadian bacon on top of plate cover bacon with paper napkin
Microwave for 10 seconds longer.

Pop out the English muffin,

Yolk Souffle


Flip cooked egg onto muffin
Salt and pepper to taste
Place Canadian bacon on top


“Condiment Queen” Enhancers

Top with other half of muffin!*

Mc Vegie

Sweet Red Pepper Mc Vegie

“Condiment Queen” Enhancers:

Tomato slice
Sweet red pepper strips

Avocado slice
*Romaine lettuce leaf for crunch or butter lettuce for soft topper and use only ½ of muffin save 1 point! (80 calories)
Basil or parsley, chopped, mix into egg before cooking
Parmesan, freshly grated

A layer of spinach under the egg (frozen spinach microwave 15 seconds in bottom of cup, drain, before putting in the egg)

Salsa (bottom of cup before putting in the egg)

1 slice English sharp cheddar cheese or mozzarella (if you want extra fat)

Mayonnaise or Wasabi-mayo if you like spicy


2 thoughts on “Recipe:Egg Mc Greg

  1. I use Tomasville light whole grain English muffins low cal high fiber I think 110 cal. 5 grams fiber Yum . I leave out the meat and add 2% (50 cal) cheese slice one 1/2 on each side whites in the middle no butter needed it’s a great breakfast to get out the door fast and with all that protein it lasts a lot longer then cereal for me and my kids.

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