Recipe: Italian Haitian-Island Antipasto Platter

Italian Haitian-Island Antipasto Platter

Italian Haitian-Island Antipasto Platter

Italian Haitian-Island Antipasto Platter

2 heads large leaf lettuce, to cover the platter

3 pounds large Idaho potatoes, one-length-side sliced to stabilize the palm trees and create levels on the platter.

4 loose carrots, peeled, long, thick, and irregular for the palm tree trunks (2 extra)

2 large green peppers cut lengthwise from the top, for the palm fronds

2 large yellow peppers, cut tops for mounds around the palm tree base

1 red apple, center slice with skin dipped in lemon juice, on bamboo skewer for the butterfly

Rosemary branches for border around yellow pepper mounds at the palm tree base

Circle the platter with:

1½ pounds of roast beef sliced medium-thin, rolled

1 pound of each:

Prosciutto sliced, rolled, wrap roll in medium size basil leaf

Capicola sliced, rolled

Pepperoni slices, wrapped like flowers around thin provolone cubes, secured with toothpicks

Genoa Salami sliced, rolled

Provolone in one-piece cut into cubes

Ciliegine Mozzarella water pack

Ciliegine Mozzarella marinated

Add for color, texture, and flavor:

Roasted Red Peppers, marinated in jar, slice into strips

Cherry tomatoes

Yellow pepper cut into strips

Peppercini, small ones

Artichoke hearts in water or oil, sliced in half

Jumbo pitted green olives (to create coconuts at the base of the palm trees)

Sicilian Olive Salad

Black pitted olives

Radish roses­—remove root thread and stem, slice thin vertical cuts through the red skin around the radish and place in ice water about 10 minutes to open.

Basil leaves, medium size, to wrap the Prosciutto rolls.

2 loaves Italian bread, sliced.

Assemble by color and texture for interest, circle the palm trees, have a glass of wine, test, taste, and admire your work!


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