Day Of Reckoning

Well this is a new decade and I have made a commitment to slender. This will take some serious rethinking,  scheduling and planned exercise. I am healthy. I like to eat healthy. I like to eat. Taste. Socialize and eat. Try new dishes, in essence I’m a food tourist. I have been cooking healthy all … Continue reading


Pumpkins, Witches, and the Spirits of Halloween

The week of Halloween is here. The trees tell us first. Changing colors and hues. Carpets of fallen leaves cover the ground in gold, scarlet, acra violet, alizarine crimson. Silhouettes of black licorice branches pierce clusters of golden orange, copper, raw sienna, against translucent patinas of blue, slate gray, platinum skies. And pumpkins. Carving faces … Continue reading


Stars Spotlight Jersey Boys, John Coltrane, Easter Seal Superstars, and Maria Pinto

I’ve been seeing stars in Chicago all week! The week began with a fundraiser Monday evening at North Pond Restaurant in Lincoln Park starring the Jersey Boys, on their night off! “Chicago’s own” Lou Canellis the Bears Sports Announcer was Master of Ceremonies. The Jersey Boys wove their magic. They were personable, lively, and fun. … Continue reading

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Ciliegine Tomato Basil Caprese Salad

Ciliegine in Italian means cherry. At the grocers there is a type of mozzarella called Ciliegine; round soft fresh mozzarella balls packed in water or oil, a little larger than cherry tomatoes. Caprese got its name from the Isle of Capri, off the Amalfi Coast and Naples, Italy. The colors of the salad—red-tomatoes, white-mozzarella cheese, … Continue reading