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And not a creature was stirring…

The White Chocolate Mouse Invades The House

Thanksgiving day. Regina dashes into Kristin and Bob’s house, carrying a tray covered with white chocolate mice, and cheese slices made of pound cake. The unanimous  winner of the unstated “who can come up with the most creative new dish!!!” Regina didn’t get to remove the plastic wrap protecting her delicious dessert before the kids, big ones too, crowded to taste the critters… dangling by them by their cherry tails.

The tray was fabulous looking, my photo doesn’t do it justice.

My blog raised the bar.

Until I tried to recreate Regina’s verbal recipe…

Chocolate can't by lumpy...

Get the hang of it.

Yikes! I even over-punctured the pound-cake.

Veronica made cupcake turkeys with doughnut-hole heads, red licorice waddles with candy corn beaks and feathers sticking out of cookie tails. With homemade chocolate frosting.

Cupcake Turkey Trot

Kristin and Bob organized, set the scene and hosted the fun feast!

And roasted the turkey and ham.

The Stage is Set for the Turkey

Turkey, ham, and Tara’s stuffed figs wrapped in prosciutto, Victoria’s pesto mushroom caps, Muire’s onion tart, Greg’s sweet cheese pizza, Bob’s roasted deer, Nancy’s sweet potatoes with apples, Tara’s jalapeno butter and cornbread muffins, cranberry sauce, Greg’s mashed potatoes, Polly’s abbondanza salad,  Kristin’s cranberry stuffing, cranberry bread, Ryan and Jeff”s pumpkin pies, Regina’s cranberry-apple pie, Torie’s apple pie and Corky’s Pumpkin bars. Recipe on Blog Bursts.

And all through the, peace and thanks.


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