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“Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence.” Calvin Coolidge

Stars and Stripes Dessert and Over 21 Jello Shots

Two more days. As some of you know through email, I entered the PAM Cooking Tips Contest. I’m a contender. In the top 19 this morning.

I used the tip of using PAM to spray the pan and ice cube trays for easy release of the stars. From my blog: Stars and Stripes Desserts and **Over 21 Jello Shots.

One criteria the winner will be chosen by— is their virtual votes. The way I understand it… these are votes obtained through the Social Media. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The email response got me in the top 20. My facebook response put me in the viral “hot” zone. Thank you.

I am requesting your vote through my WordPress blog.

Pushing out of my comfort zone! Again. I know challenges are opportunities for me to grow— and if I enter a contest, what I need to do to win is— ask for votes.

Will you please use this link and vote once a day (today and tomorrow) until February 7th?

Pam 4 You Cooking Tips Contest

Thank you.



5 thoughts on ““Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence.” Calvin Coolidge

  1. The only thing that beats resisitence is persistence…PAM is great for keeping it clean…you’ve done what you can, its out of your hands, now its up to the STARS…

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