The Fork In The Road

Wild Peonies

Wild Peonies

Now at their peak in glorious full bloom

Too precious to pick

Too precious not to pick.


Ah ha… the fork in the road.

To quote Yogi Berra, “When you come to the fork in the road, take it!”

And so dear readers, I have decided to post my blog randomly.

To cut and smell the flowers, enjoy the view,  taste life anew.

And share it with you.

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After The Rain

Thank you, Adagio


17 thoughts on “The Fork In The Road

  1. Lovely pictures of the peonies! I hold such fond memories of watching them blossom at Grandma’s house. The color! The fragrance! All those ants working their magic!

    Adagio, we’ll miss your regular posts, but we understand too!

  2. I will take what I can get and enjoy it, as should you.
    Thank you for all you do.
    We will look forward to seeing what’s new.
    I have one magical pink puff peony in my garden and 100,000 ants…
    Interesting symbolism….

  3. In Chicago the summer is so short that you must go out and play everyday… I hope you can come play with me… missed seeing you post today. 🙂

  4. Just pop over to say hello and hope you are doing well. How’s the progress on the book? Hope it’s good! I am also blogging less due to school and work. Well, ciao for now and take care!

    • Thank you Foodtable for your thoughtful note. I haven’t done any work on my book…instead I have surrendered to Summer and all its seductive charms and am enjoying every minute of it! Think of you often, a strange, lovely way to hold a person I know only on the page. Love, Adagio

      • Funny how i m referring back to this post once again. I m at that fork in the road now. I m not blogging less but am deciding on what to do careeriwise. Hope you are well Adagio. I changed my blog name but it’s still me. Have a great mother’s day! -lisa / foodtable

      • Seeing this comment from you a year later, makes me think…maybe I could be more sporadic and not so strict with myself about blogging once a week, you may be the final nudge that pushes me to start again. Thanks Lisa.

  5. Just write a post whenever you feel like it. No pressure. I simply drop in to say hi once in a while. 🙂 Hope your book is going well. I am trying to write now too though it may just be something for me and my family. Who knows… I have a bunch of a little stories that I would like to tell… 🙂 Probably short stories collection. I try to keep it light on my blog, but some times things happen in your life that isn’t very light or that I necessary want to blog about, so I write it in third person. Thank you for reading my blog by the way and hope you had a lovely mother’s day. 🙂

  6. Dear Lisa,
    We seem to be so on the same page, I appreciate you words and ideas and your quandary. At different junctures of our lives we apply our energies to where the muse leads us, I have been in a writing group where the requirement is a 500 word piece a week. Some good writing is coming out of it, but what to do I with it? I have thought about doing a writing blog just to share it and get feedback…alas, but family and a magnificent spring, birthdays and graduations… love to you. Adagio

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